• Why I Choose Chris Tuck To Help Me Lose Weight by Helen Flynn

    Posted on May 29, 2014 by in Blog

    In light of the recent aims of the NHS to address and help overweight people by directing them to World Branded, celebrity endorsed programmes, I would just like to pass on my experience of weight loss and what the aforementioned companies did not help me with.

    In 2002 I joined a branded weight loss club…I paid out to follow it’s programme, spent more on it’s products..this alone I knew was outside of my being able to keep it up long term, financially in the main. It told me what I should be doing, but it did not address the following.

    1) It did not consider what was causing my eating habits to be the way they were. How or why I had become overweight was never asked.

    2) It did not find me an enjoyable exercise activity that was within my comfort zone, this however I did manage to find locally (at additional cost I must add) from a fitness professional who took the time to listen to me and accommodate my needs.

    3) It did not treat me as an individual or take into account my food intolerances, it was impersonal in many ways and just the thought of being weighed in a group setting every week with strangers would cause more anxiety.

    4) It did not educate me about nutrition and how to make the right choices about what I was fuelling my body with…I could eat donuts all day as long as I stayed in my points range!

    3) It did not give me any Idea of how to maintain my new weight.

    5) Yes, I lost weight, but I wasn’t necessarily any healthier.

    It was a short term fix which at the end of I slowly went back to my usual pattern of behaviour which I now know was in the main due to emotional eating.

    By 2012 I was back up to the weight I was in 2002, wanting to do something about it yet again, but not liking the thought handing over more of my cash to the same people as before.

    I was lucky enough to stumble over and advert for KSFL® with Chris Tuck in West Wickham.

    How different it was this time!

    A fairly lengthy one to one meeting to access my needs and find out about me was the starting point. Someone who listened and cared, and was going to address my nutrition, fitness and state of mind, know that they were all part of the problem.

    Being reassured that I wouldn’t have to do anything that made me uncomfortable and that I could work at my own pace.

    A money back guarantee if she hadn’t helped me to drop at least one dress size after the first month, provided I did what was asked of me.

    Nutrition advice to help burn fat, not merely to loose weight.

    Targeted exercise for my body, which was efficient, effective and within my comfort zone.

    No counting points or buying branded products.

    Not even having to weigh it but to measure inch loss instead.

    A measure of how my fitness improved over time with a start and finish fitness test.

    A local community of like minded people sharing their struggles and encouraging one another to keep making the changes and steps in the right direction.

    A new understanding of my relationship with food was established, short bursts of exercise which I could easily do at home, and help when I needed it, all questions however silly could be asked and I wasn’t ever made to feel like I was a failure when I slipped up.

    So today I am at the dress size I wanted to be, this time however, better educated, more healthy though food choices and fitter than I have ever been in my entire life.

    I now have a foundation set in place that I can work into my life and maintain myself…it is now my choice alone how things go in the future…I have to take the responsibility for my own health and wellbeing, and I can do this because Chris Tuck and KSFL® had put all the right things in place for me to do it. Maybe, I will find myself needing some help again, but at least this time I know which place I would choose to return to.

    From Helen Louise Flynn