• The Giant Within Us Launches Friday 6th June!

    Posted on June 5, 2014 by in Blog

    The Giant Within Us


    Its a very important and busy week for me this week! Not only am I gallivanting Thursday evening to support the Kezi Silverstone Trust London Rocks Event I am also announcing the launch of my new book “The Giant Within Us”.

    Friday 6th of June is the official launch of my new book “The Giant Within Us” which I Co-Authored with 19 other awesome Ladies. We recently got ourselves a cool name – the Powerhouse Angels.

    I want this Book to become a number 1 on Amazon in its category and become a best-seller. This book is a brilliant read as it’s the true stories of women who stood the test of time and brought out victory from within them including myself.

    As part of the launch on the 6th of June which is a virtual one, I’d like to personally recommend the book. It’s a masterpiece to women of our time. There is something so strong on the inside of a woman that makes her know that she can make it happen and as you get your copy and read you will be inspired.

    There’s another reason to attend our Virtual Book Launch – Let’s enjoy the virtual meet up on Facebook – it’s a wonderful experience – Click link to join - https://www.facebook.com/events/235372163324564/


    The goal is for lots of people to all buy the book on the day. Grab yourself a copy on Friday. The link will be made available. Just to let you know there will be some free gifts, so be sure not to miss the online event on Friday. It starts 12 midnight on Thursday till 23:55pm on Friday.


    To Your Success,

    Be True To Yourself

    CO -Author of “The Giant Within Us”