• Chris’s Resources

    Posted on February 12, 2014 by in Blog

    I have the following resources to help my target market:-

    1)  ‘Parenting without Tears’ – a booklet for parents who need a helping hand with providing their children the upbringing that they need and deserve.

    2)  ‘Through The Eyes Of A Child’ – my autobiography which tells my story of abuse growing up and how I overcome my internal battles to become a success in my personal and professional life.

    3)  ‘Breaking the Cycle’ Secret Facebook group – which is a safe place for people to come to talk and be listened to without being judged.

    4) Survivors Of aBuse.org with Mel Collie – this organisation is going to provide crisis help in the form of counselling to survivors of trauma.

    5) ‘Breaking the Cycle C.L.E.A.N. Living’ Health and Wellness Programmes with Melanie Collie – Health Coach, NLP Practitioner and Survivor of Abuse. These programmes are unique to helping survivors of abuse overcome what is holding them back and move them forwards in their life.

    6) I have collaborated with Sheila Thorne – Counsellor to run the ‘Unleashing Your Inner Superhero’ Workshops. This introductory workshop explores how having a lack of self esteem and confidence could be holding you back.

    You will learn some practical ways of building up your reserves of self esteem, so you can fuel yourself with self belief and inner confidence to generate a more positive attitude to life and achieve the results you want.

    7) I have collaborated with Samantha De Bono – Harley Street Practitioner MBACP CDM FMA to run the ‘Releasing the Shame of Childhood  Abuse’ Seminars. This unique seminar cover the following:

    • Discover why we feel the shame from childhood abuse
    • Recognise the symptoms of shame that we hold now as an adult
    • Learn how to release it, move on from it and live your life in the here and now

    These two workshops will be running quarterly and nationwide in the future.

    8) I am in talks with the NSPCC and NAPAC to raise awareness of what I am trying to achieve going forward and will undertake public speaking to spread the word.