Motivational Speaker

Available for corporate, community, education and business events

Are you looking for an inspiring, experienced, speaker? Someone who can connect with kids and adults alike? Who has a story to tell of triumph over adversity? Someone who has gained expertise in the worlds of business, fitness and nutrition, and has done all that despite a tough and abusive upbringing.

I speak in everyday language – making mine a message that gets through and to the heart. My message is that, whatever happens to you in life, you can make something of life.

Schools and educational institutions
My work ethic and my desire to educate and better myself is what took me out of my past. 25% of adults state that they have experienced some form of abuse. Imagine how a positive intervention that sends a message of hope to your pupils and students could impact their educational outcomes and attainments.

Charitable sector organisations
There is nothing that can connect with or inspire abused kids and adults faster than someone who has gone through the experiences they have… I can also combine speaking with fitness programmes to build esteem and increase mental well-being.

Corporate speaking
However tough things might be, my message is that there is a way through, to overcome difficulties and adversities and to achieve success in whatever way you desire it.