• GPs told to prescribe £100 slimming courses for millions of obese patients – namely WW & SW

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    Have you seen this article this morning?

    GPs told to prescribe £100 slimming courses for millions of obese patients – namely WW & SW

    Do you think this is the answer?

    I don’t!

    There is no denying that the UK has got an obesity and health related crisis right now which is only going to get worse. The cost to the NHS is billions of pounds per year BUT is the answer really just to spend the taxpayers hard earned cash to refer overweight and obese people to the well established branded slimming clubs?

    I think not!!

    Lifestyle –  many of us do not understand that the life that we are leading is actually causing us to suffer from obesity and health related problems. We have gotten so busy with our jobs, our home and family commitments that there is no time to look at what is fundamentally important – our health. Your health is your wealth and without your health you have nothing.In my opinion society is overwhelmed by all the conflicting information out there with respect to what is healthy and what is not – in terms of lifestyle, food, drink and exercise.

    Health is all about providing the body with nutritious food and fluids that the body can utilise to carry on working optimally. Health is about leading an active life that will keep the body strong and supple. Health is about balance but that balance comes about by providing the mind and body with what it needs first with  a few treats along the way not the other way around!

    The question of balance is key to out health. Many people who attend the well established slimming clubs do not understand this basic principle  - as long as they keep within their daily allowance of points and sins they can eat & drink what they want.

    Food  - many people do not understand that the food they eat affects their moods and the mood that they are in will affect their food choices. Many people think that packaged processed and fast products are food.  These products often have the fat content taken out or reduced and contain lots of sugar additives and preservatives to make them taste good. SUGAR is the enemy NOT fat so why is low fat processed food encouraged on these plans. Individuals  fail to understand that these kind of products are not nutritious to the body and the sugar, additives and preservatives in these products wreak havoc on the hormonal system which leads to obesity and health related problems.

    Drink  - many people rely on caffeine based drinks to give them the energy that they need to get them through their everyday life. Caffeine based products can stress the body and affect the hormonal system especially if a good nights sleep evades them. Water is so key to health but in my experience many people do not do this or understand its importance.

    Exercise  - as a nation we have become lazier and lazier. We use or cars to travel everywhere and we are so tired from our daily lives that we often spend all our leisure time sitting down. The established slimming class do not promote exercise but the right exercise is key to building lean muscle mass which in turn burns fat.

    Many people don’t realise that what they put in their mouth (food & drink) is actually causing them to be obese and unhealthy in the first place. Many people go to their Doctor with painful and unexplained symptoms they will get a prescription for medication which will often cause  side affects and over time may need further medication!

    So given that many of us are confused and being told to do the wrong thing in the 1st place is using taxpayers money to refer obese individuals to established slimming clubs the right thing to do?


    We need to be educating society about health, about proper nutritious food, about the importance of water, the importance of exercise and sleep in maintaining a healthy mind and slimmer body!

    We need to make a change in lifestyle on a grand scale  - society needs to be ‘fed’ the right information and HEALTH needs to be the No. 1 priority of the government otherwise the obesity epidemic will only get worse!

    Here is the link to the actual article:

    Read more: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/health/article-2641037/GPs-prescribe-100-slimming-courses-millions-obese-patients.html#ixzz330Wbz8Qj


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